Commercialization Assistance Program

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Commercialization Assistance Program


The Department of Energy (DOE) is dedicated to the successful commercialization of SBIR/STTR funded technologies and provides comprehensive commercialization services to its awardees. The DOE is able to fund discretionary commercialization assistance to all DOE SBIR and STTR Phase I awardees. Award recipients have two options for receiving commercialization assistance: (1) utilize services provided by a DOE Vendor or (2) identify their own commercialization assistance provider.

If you wish to receive commercialization assistance from the DOE Vendor, you do not need to include this in your budget.  If you are awarded a Phase I or Phase II grant, you will receive notification from DOE and follow-up contact from the DOE commercialization Vendor on what services are available to you and how to obtain these services at no cost to your small business.  Larta Inc. is the current DOE Commercialization Assistance Vendor and all the awardees who have elected to utilize the DOE CAP services will be contacted by Larta in a timely manner to begin the implementation of the CAP services.  Information about the services provide Larta through the DOE Commercialization Assistance Program can be found on their website: link

If you wish to utilize your own commercialization assistance provider, you are required to include this as a subcontract or consultant in your budget and to provide a detailed budget justification. You may include up to $5,000 for assistance in Phase I and up to $5,000 per year in Phase II.  Please note that this commercialization assistance does not count toward the maximum award size in either Phase I or Phase II. For example, a Phase I applicant seeking commercialization assistance from an external provider could result in an increase of $5,000 over the maximum award limit.  That is, for a topic with a maximum award limit of $150,000, the actual award would increase to $155,000. Reimbursement is limited to services received that comply with 15 U.S.C. § 638(q).