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Feng Pan Sculpts Ultrathin Materials for Quantum Information Research
Feng is a collaborator with the Q-NEXT quantum research center and develops high-tech materials to deliver photon packages of quantum information.
Brookhaven Lab Physicist Mary Bishai Elected DUNE Co-Spokesperson
Bishai will serve alongside University of Bologna physicist Sergio Bertolucci to lead the world's largest neutrino collaboration.
DOE Funds Next-Generation Center for Bioenergy Innovation to Advance Renewable Jet Fuel
CBI’s national lab, university and industry partners will take a multipronged, accelerated approach over the next five years to producing jet fuel.
STAR Physicists Track Sequential 'Melting' of Upsilons
The new findings provide evidence for 'deconfinement' and insight into seething temperature of the hottest matter on Earth.

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Climate-Centered Thinking
Alabama A&M University researchers study agricultural influencers of climate change and carbon emissions.
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UO Particle Physicist Appointed to National Panel
Tien-Tien Yu has been appointed a member of the P5, or Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel.
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New MSU Research Helps Better Quantify Soil Carbon Stock Changes
MSU professor Bruno Basso shows how scientists must use a correction calculation to accurately quantify changes in soil carbon stocks over time.
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Powering Up: Research Team Develops Strategy for Better Solid-State Batteries
A team from Florida State U & Berkeley Lab developed a strategy to build solid-state batteries that are less dependent on specific chemical elements.
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As another atmospheric river impacts California on January 4th and 5th -- with more rain forecast after that -- Michael Wehner, a senior scientist in the Computational Research Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, discusses how climate change is increasing the rainfall from these drenching storms and how people can better prepare. Wehner uses observational data and advanced computer modeling to understand the behavior of extreme weather events in a changing climate, especially heat waves, intense precipitation, drought, and tropical cyclones.
Video courtesy of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory