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Tough Magnet Tech Scores an R&D100 Award for Critical Materials Institute at Ames Laboratory
A tougher, less brittle samarium-cobalt magnet produced by researchers at the Critical Materials Institute has won a 2021 R&D 100 award.
Zhongwei Dai: Exploring the Strange Quantum World of 2D Materials
Dai uses electrons & light to probe the properties of atomically thin materials to identify candidates for quantum information science applications.
Stronger, Lighter, Better: Nanotwinned Titanium Forges Path to Sustainable Manufacturing
Scientists at Berkeley Lab's Molecular Foundry achieve stronger and more ductile pure titanium by processing it at ultra-low temperatures.
New Insights Into Heat Pathways Improve Understanding of Fusion Plasma
The new insights could help engineers avoid the conditions that could lead to heat loss in future fusion facilities.

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3D Imaging Study Reveals How Atoms are Packed in Amorphous Materials
UCLA-led research could revise a 70-year-old model of how the fundamental building blocks of substances are assembled.
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Two NYU Tandon Students Are Headed to Prestigious Fellowships at National Labs
Steven Farrell and Ed Sartor, both in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, won recognition for their forward-thinking proposals.
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Warming Slows Microbes' Growth, NAU Researchers Find in First-in-Kind Long-Term Experiment
Researchers at Northern Arizona University found that microbes growth rate decreased over 15 years of warming,
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IU Physicists Lead World's Most Precise Measurement of Neutron Lifetime
The measurement will help put theories about the nature of the universe to the test.
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