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National Labs Support Safe Nuclear Waste Disposal by Studying Safety Material for Underground Sites
International nuclear waste disposal research effort evaluates maximum allowable temperature for buffer material.
Study Highlights Connections Between Addictive Drugs and Brain Function in Mice
Researchers use advanced technology and mice to study dopamine neuron structure, addiction and the brain’s ability to recover.
Ultra Safe Nuclear Licenses ORNL Method to 3D Print Advanced Reactor Components
The technology uses a sophisticated additive manufacturing technique to print refractory materials into components with complex shapes.
Chilling Out With Matt Kasa, Superconducting Magnet Engineer for the APS Upgrade
Kasa and his colleagues are designing and building superconducting magnets for the upgraded Advanced Photon Source.

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Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument Creates Largest 3D Map of the Cosmos
The instrument has smashed previous records for 3D galaxy surveys, yet it’s only about 10% of the way through its five-year mission.
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Tuning the Bonds of Paired Quantum Particles to Create Flow Without Losing Energy
An adjustable platform made from atomically thin materials may help figure out how to create a quantum condensate that can flow without dissipation.
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Light Could Boost Performance of Fuel Cells, Lithium Batteries, and Other Devices
Engineers show how light can be used to lower barriers that ions encounter at grain boundaries, to enhance the flow of the ions by a factor of three.
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Physicists Discover 'Secret Sauce' Behind Exotic Properties of New Quantum Material
Work done by MIT physicists and colleagues will aid design of other unusual quantum materials with many potential applications.
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