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Students Nationwide to Compete in 31st Department of Energy National Science Bowl®
Middle- and high-school regional competitions begin for the National Science Bowl®
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Science Headlines

DOE and NOAA Extend Strategic Partnership
The federal agencies have renewed their collaboration to advance Earth system modeling with the National Climate-Computing Research Center.
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Borrowing from Birds, Experts Reduce Search Times for Novel High-Entropy Alloys to Seconds
Computational materials science experts at Ames Laboratory enhanced an algorithm that reduces the search time for new high-tech alloys from weeks.
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Shine On: Avalanching Nanoparticles Break Barriers to Imaging Cells in Real Time
The new study could lead to simple, high-resolution bioimaging in real time by overcoming a fundamental property of light
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Researchers Discover Long-Sought Mechanism Behind Worst Cases of a Common Blood Disorder
G6PD deficiency affects about 400M people worldwide and can pose serious health risks.
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Argonne's Robert Ross Earns Prestigious DOE Award
Argonne’s Robert Ross receives the DOE’s prestigious Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award for seminal contributions in high-performance computing.
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Dark Energy Survey Makes Public Catalog of Nearly 700 Million Astronomical Objects
This data release - one of the largest ever - is the culmination of over a half-decade of astronomical data collection and analysis.
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Building a Giant 2D Map of the Universe to Prepare for the Largest 3D Map
The 6-year effort to capture images for this map involved 1,405 observing nights at 3 telescopes on 2 continents and years of data from a satellite.
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Connected Moments for Quantum Computing
Math shortcut shaves time and cost of quantum calculations while maintaining accuracy.
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The Status of Supersymmetry
Once the most popular framework for physics beyond the Standard Model, supersymmetry is facing a reckoning—but researchers are not giving up on it yet
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Two Berkeley Lab Scientists Honored with the Lawrence Award
The Department of Energy’s award goes to Susannah Tringe, a microbiologist, and Dan Kasen, a nuclear physicist.
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University and Stakeholder News

Stony Brook/BNL Team Wins DOE Project Management Award for ATLAS Experiment Upgrade
The upgrade is one of only three to be honored with a DOE project management award last year.
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UTEP Doctoral Student Earns Spot in Department of Energy’s Graduate Student Research Program
Martinez was invited to conduct his research at Los Alamos National Laboratory through the SCGSR program.
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Argonne’s Robert Ross Earns DOE's Prestigious Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award
Ross was recognized for his seminal contributions in high-performance computing.
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University Expands Access to OMEGA EP Laser with Energy Department's LaserNetUS Initiative
The funding will provide beamtime for researchers across the globe to conduct laser experiments using network facilities.
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UMass Amherst's Blanchard Lab Leads National Soil Microbiome Investigation
The new soil data will be integrated with older data to assess how microbial communities at 15 to 25 sites are responding to climate change.
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Researchers Develop New One-Step Process for Creating Self-Assembled Metamaterials
Discovery is big step forward in creating new materials used in a variety of applications including optical devices and sensors.
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LaserNetUS High-Power Laser Consortium Including CSU, Receives $18 Million from the U.S. Department of Energy
The funds will be distributed among 10 partner institutions, including $1 million for user support.
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Devil in the Defect Detail of Quantum Emissions Unravelled
An international, multidisciplinary collaboration has uncovered the chemical structure behind defects in white graphene.
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U.S. Department of Energy Turns to ASRC for New Cloud Imagery Database
DOE announced $19 million in funding for 31 new projects that are aimed at improving the power of Earth system models to predict weather and climate.
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Dan Kasen Honored with E.O. Lawrence Award
Dan Kasen is a physicist in Berkeley Lab’s Nuclear Science Division focusing on theoretical and computational astrophysics.
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