Field Operations Organization

Office of Science

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Field Operations is led by Deputy Director Joseph McBrearty and consists of three major elements - Site Offices, a Support Center, and Headquarters Policy Offices.

Site Offices are accountable for overseeing the entire operations of each laboratory, which entails monitoring the performance of the Contractor and ensuring compliance with contractual obligations. This encompasses a wide spectrum of oversight responsibilities in areas such as business systems, safety, security, infrastructure, and project management. Beyond providing oversight and quality assurance at our national laboratories, Site Offices are responsible for the facilities infrastructure in which research is conducted and for managing the transaction process that provides program-approved funding to the appropriate Contractors and individual researchers. Site Offices monitor major construction projects and play a regulatory role for all nuclear activities at their respective laboratories.

The Integrated Support Center (ISC) consists of two offices, ISC-Chicago and ISC-Oak Ridge, which act as a single entity designed to support the Site Offices. The ISC provides services to each Site Office by providing expertise and addressing needs in the field that cannot be met with the limited resources of the Site Offices. Services are provided in areas such as safety and health, human resources, and procurement, along with legal and financial services to SC as well as other DOE program offices, and as appropriate, other Federal agencies.

The Field Operations organization also includes the following offices:

  • The Office of Safety and Security Policy proactively leads all aspects of the Office of Science?s management and oversight of the ten DOE SC laboratories? operations in the following areas – environmental protection, worker safety and health, emergency management, radiological safety, contractor assurance systems, quality assurance, safeguards and security, laboratory foreign visits and assignments, laboratory badging and clearance determinations, and counterintelligence.
  • The Office of Laboratory Policy facilitates the competition and performance evaluation of the DOE SC laboratories? management and operating contracts.  The Office supports the SC Head of Contracting Activity on all matters related to SC procurements, coordinates uniform policy with regards to contractor human resource management, and manages the SC laboratory directed research and development and work for others programs.
  • The Office of Operations Program Management provides program management and operational support and analysis of the DOE SC laboratories in the areas of laboratory modernization, facilities and infrastructure, sustainability, and safeguards and security at Office of Science?s laboratories and sites. The Office manages the SC Science Laboratories Infrastructure program and projects, the SC Safeguards and Security program and projects and, represents SC in corporate policy deliberations related to facilities management and SC sustainability efforts.
  • The NBL Program Office is a federally-staffed Office of Science program responsible for ensuring the production, certification and distribution of nuclear reference materials for a wide variety of users. The NBL Program is the U.S. Government's certifying authority for nuclear reference materials and measurement calibration standards.