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Earlier Reports from FESAC and Its Predecessors

Below is a listing of earlier FESAC reports.  In general, these reports contain the letter from DOE charging FESAC to do a task, and the letter from FESAC to DOE transmitting the report requested in the Charge Letter.

Meeting Date    




July 19, 2005


PDF.pdf file (17KB)

FESAC met to discuss the Facilities Panel Report;  Panel.pdf file (11KB) Members;  Charge.pdf file (12KB).  The report was approved and transmitted to DOE in a letter from Hazeltine to Orbach.  Status reports on the ITER project and the Burning Plasma Physics committee were also heard.  Reports:  Volume I.pdf file (1.0MB); Volume II.pdf file (10.8MB)

April 7-8, 2005


PDF.pdf file (17KB)

Panel on Program Priorities: Panel Members.pdf file (32KB)  (FESAC Priorities Panel websiteExternal link) Charge.pdf file (36KB)Transmittal Letter.pdf file (12KB); Report.pdf file (5.1MB).  Committee of Visitors: Transmittal Letter.pdf file (10KB); Report.pdf file (105KB); DOE Response.pdf file (38KB); Milestone Assessment.pdf file (10KB) Letter.

July 26-27, 2004


PDF.pdf file (26KB)

The efforts of the Program Priorities Panel and its subpanels were discussed. Report.pdf file (5.1MB)Charge.pdf file (36KB)

March 29-30, 2004 


PDF.pdf file (34KB)

"Review.pdf file (4.1MB) of the  Inertial Fusion Energy Program",  DOE/SC-0087, March 2004.    Charge.pdf file (45KB)DOE Response.pdf file (17KB)

"Fusion in the Era of Burning Plasma Studies:  Workforce Planning for 2004-2014", Report.pdf file (1.1MB) DOE/SC-0086 March 2004.  Charge.pdf file (18KB)DOE Response.pdf file (18KB)  

"Report.pdf file (568KB) from the Committee of Visitors on its Review of the Processes and Procedures used to Manage the Theory and Computations Program", DOE/SC-0085, March 2004.   Charge.pdf file (37KB)  DOE Response.pdf file (20KB)  

November 17-18, 2003


PDF.pdf file (31KB)

No Written Report

July 31-August 1, 2003


  PDF.pdf file (27KB)

The letter.pdf file (48KB)  from Richard Hazeltine, FESAC Chair, to Dr. Raymond L. Orbach, Director, Office of Science, dated August 8, 2003 is the response from FESAC to the charge to review the Fusion Energy Sciences program's performance measures.  Charge.pdf file (82KB)

"Non-Electric Applications of Fusion.pdf file (1.7MB)," DOE/SC-076 July 2003,  Charge.pdf file (1.7MB)

March 5-6, 2003


PDF.pdf file (54KB)

"A Plan for the Development of Fusion Energy.pdf file (976KB)", DOE/SC-0074, March 2003. Letter.pdf file (234KB) from Hazeltine to Orbach presenting the views of FESAC on the FY 2004 President's Budget Request. Transmittal letter.pdf file (25KB) endorsing the development report.  Charge.pdf file (138KB)

November 25, 2002 


PDF.pdf file (36KB)

"Report.pdf file (4.6MB) of the FESAC Panel on Integrated Simulation and Optimization of Magnetic Fusion Systems", November 2, 2002, DOE/SC-0073.   Transmittal.pdf file (86KB)Charge.pdf file (20KB)

"Preliminary Report.pdf file (627KB) on A Plan for the Development of Fusion Energy", November 2002.  Transmittal Letter.pdf file (234KB), Hazeltine to Orbach  endorsing the 35 year fusion development plan. FESAC. Letter.pdf file (18KB),  September 13, 2002, endorsing the assumption that, given continued scientific and technical accomplishment and sufficiently increased funding, it is possible to put electricity generated using fusion on the commercial utility grid within 35 years.   Charge.pdf file (138KB)

September 11-12, 2002


PDF.pdf file (37KB)

"A Burning Plasma Program Strategy to Advance Fusion Energy.pdf file (688KB)", DOE/SC-0060, September 2002. Transmittal  Letter.pdf file (36KB)  endorsing the report of the  Burning Plasma Strategy Panel.  Charge.pdf file (85KB)

February 27-28, 2002


PDF.pdf file (42KB)


August 1-2, 2001 (PPPL)


PDF.pdf file (59KB) 

"Review.pdf file (270KB) of  Fusion Theory and Computing Program", DOE/SC-0037, August 2001.  Panel Chair: John Sheffield.  Charge.pdf file (12KB)

"Review.pdf file (1.3MB) of Burning Plasma Physics", DOE/SC-0041, September 2001.  Charge.pdf file (10KB)

May 15-16, 2001


PDF.pdf file (85KB)

Letter.pdf file (365KB), Hazeltine to Decker, June 7, 2001, recommending that the National Compact Stellarator, Experiment (NCSX) be designated as a Proof-of-Principle Experiment.  The Letter.pdf file (33KB) from Hazeltine to Decker dated May 21, 2001 providing a detailed response by FESAC to the NRC report.

February 27-28, 2001


PDF.pdf file (29KB)

 No Written Report

November 14-15, 2000


PDF.pdf file (41KB)

Letter.pdf file (19KB), Hazeltine to Dresselhaus, December 5, 2000, FESAC reaction to NRC Report.  Charge.pdf file (13KB)

July 18-19, 2000
(GA, San Diego)



Report.pdf file (855KB) of the Integrated Program Planning Activity for the DOE Fusion Energy Sciences Program", DOE/SC-0028, December 2000, Letter.pdf file (798KB).  Panel Chair: Charles Baker.  Charge.pdf file (318KB)


Report Number/Date

Letter asking the Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee to establish a Panel on high performance computing needs and capabilities.

August 24, 2001.pdf file (10.8MB) 

Summary of Opportunities in the Fusion Energy Sciences Program

June 1999.pdf file (10.8MB); November 1999.pdf file (7.6MB)

Priorities and Balance  within the Fusion Energy Sciences Program

September 1999 

.pdf file

Report of the Panel on Criteria, Goals, and Metrics

October 1999

.pdf file

FESAC Reports on Review of the Fusion Materials Research Program, Review of the Proposed Proof-of-Principle Programs, Review of the Possible Pathways for Pursuing Burning Plasma Physics, and Comments on the ER Facilities Roadmap 

DOE/ER-0727 July 1998.pdf file (7.2MB)

"Review of the Strategic Plan for International Collaboration on Fusion Science and Technology Research"

DOE/ER-0723 January 23, 1998.pdf file (2.6MB)

Recommendations on the Nature  and Level of U.S. Participation in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor Extension of the Engineering Design Activities

DOE/ER-0720 January 1998.pdf file (1.7MB) 

Review of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) Detailed Design Report 

DOE/ER-0700 April 1997.pdf file (717KB)

Advice and Recommendations to the U.S. Department of Energy on the FY 1997 Fusion Energy Sciences Budget  

DOE/ER-0694 November 1996.pdf file (2.1MB)

Strategic Plan for the Restructured U.S. Fusion Energy Sciences Program

DOE/ER-0684 August 1996.pdf file (1.1MB)

Advice and Recommendations  to the U.S. Department of Energy on Inertial Fusion Energy and Alternative Concepts

DOE/ER-0690, July 22, 1996.pdf file (9.0MB)

The Fusion Science Research Plan for the Major U.S. Tokamaks

DOE/ER-0680, May 1996.pdf file (409KB)

A Restructured Fusion Energy Sciences Program

January 1996.pdf file (401KB) 

The Report  of the U.S. Program of Fusion Energy Research and Development, The President's Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) 

July 1995.pdf file (4.9MB) 

Advice and Recommendations to the U.S. Department of Energy In Response to Charge Letter of September 1, 1992

DOE-ER-0593T April 1993.pdf file (8.2MB)

FEAC Advice and Recommendations to the Department of Energy In Partial Response to the Charge Letter of September 24, 1991: Part E

DOE-ER-0571T November 1992.pdf file (4.7MB)

FEAC Report on Program Strategy for U.S. Magnetic Fusion Energy Research

DOE-ER-0572T September 1992.pdf file (3.5MB)

FEAC Advice and Recommendations to the Department of Energy In Partial Response to the Charge Letter of September 24, 1991: Part D

DOE-ER-0555T June 1992.pdf file (4.0MB)

FEAC Advice and Recommendations to the Department of Energy In Partial Response to the Charge Letter of September 24, 1991: Part C

DOE-ER-0554T April 1992.pdf file (5.4MB)

FEAC Advice and Recommendations to the Department of Energy In Partial Response to the Charge Letter of September 24, 1991: Part B

DOE-ER-0553T March 1992.pdf file (5.3MB)

FEAC Advice and Recommendations to the Department of Energy In Partial Response to the Charge Letter of September 24, 1991: Part A

DOE-ER-0552T October 1991

Fusion Policy Advisory Committee (FPAC) Final Report

DOE-S-0081 September 1990.pdf file (4.4MB)