Research & Evaluation Prototypes (REP)

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ASCR Program Manager
Dr. William Harrod

The Research and Evaluation Prototypes program addresses the challenges of next generation computing systems. As multi-core hybrid computing progresses, we face an era of radical innovation. These systems will likely be significantly more complex than current computing systems. As a result, many of the tools and techniques developed over the past decade will no longer be effective. By actively partnering with industry in the development of next-generation machines, ASCR can ensure that appropriate architectures for science are developed while application and software researchers gain a better understanding of future systems to get a head start in developing software and models to take advantage of the new capabilities. Thus Research and Evaluation Prototype investments also reduce the risk of future major procurements.

The REP program is currently supporting an effort called 'DOE Extreme-Scale Technology Acceleration' or 'FastForward'. The goal is to forge partnerships with multiple companies to accelerate the R&D of critical component technologies needed for extreme-scale computing. These public-private partnerships between industry, the DOE Office of Science, and NNSA support the development of technology that reduces economic and manufacturing barriers to constructing exaflop-sustained systems. The selected technologies have the potential to impact low-power embedded, cloud/datacenter, and mid-range HPC applications, thus ensuring that DOE/NNSA investment furthers a sustainable software/hardware ecosystem supported by applications across the HPC market and the broader IT industry. learn more at: link