Find out where and when to meet some of our top innovators and explore the technologies on display from the Department of Energy at the 11th annual Bay Area Maker Faire. 

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Check out these selected events you won’t want to miss.

The Make | ENERGY Pavilion

All Weekend

Zone 7 Center
Your chance to see technologies from the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories and meet the Makers behind them. 

U.S. Department of Energy: Unique Opportunities for Makers 

Saturday, May 21, 1:45 PM - 2:25 PM PDT

Zone 2 Make: Live
Hear why the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories want to work with Makers. Learn what the labs do and about unique opportunities available throughout the country. Moderated by Jetta Wong, ‎Director of the Energy Department’s Office of Technology Transitions.

U.S. Department of Energy: Think. Make. Innovate. 

Saturday, May 2, 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM PDT

Zone 7 Center
Join this Maker-to-Maker discussion with actual scientists from the Department of Energy’s National Labs who are themselves Makers. Moderated by Charlie Russomanno, Senior Technology Advisor for the Energy Department’s Office of Technology Transitions.

U.S. Department of Energy: The JUMP Innovation Platform

Sunday, May 22, 3:00 PM - 3:25 PM PDT

Zone 4 Maker Show & Tell
The JUMP call for innovation is a new U.S. Department of Energy crowdsourcing campaign that awards the best of clean energy ideas with prizes and incubation support. Industry, DOE, and national lab leaders unveil the latest JUMP campaigns. Moderated by Reshma Singh, Program Director for the Center for Building Energy Research and Development at Berkeley Lab.

Live Coverage 

All Weekend

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Ask a Scientist

All Weekend

Zone 7 Center
Meet some of the scientists and makers from the National Labs and ask them your questions! Find them in the Ask a Scientist booth in the Make | ENERGY Pavilion. 


Hamdy Elgammal- Computer Engineering (Berkeley Lab)
David Hite- IT Modeling (LANL)

Mike Heffner- Experimental Physics (LLNL)
Stephanie Choing- Physical Chemistry (Berkeley Lab)


Phil Gach- Microfluids (Berkeley Lab, JBEI)
Jonathan Dubois- Quantum Physics/Computing (LLNL)

Alfredo Correa- Physics (LLNL)
Todd Duncombe- Microfluids (Berkeley Lab)

T.B.K. Reddy- Genomics (Berkeley Lab, JGI) 
Kareem KazKaz- Physics (LLNL) 

Xiao Fu- Synthesis (Sandia National Labs) 
Shankar Earni- Energy Efficiency (Berkeley Lab)


Ernst Sichtermann- Nuclear Science (Berkeley Lab) 
Alfredo Correa- Physics (LLNL)

Susan Tsutakawa- Structural Biology    (Berkeley Lab) 
Zhong Wang- Genomics (Berkeley Lab)

David Donofrio-  Computer Engineering (Berkeley Lab)
Jing Xu- Energy Storage Jing Xu

Pukak Nath- Physics (LANL) 
Brenda Rubenstein - Computational Quantum Physics (LLNL)