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The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) requires all Grantees to utilize computerized energy audits specific for single-family, manufactured (mobile home), and multifamily dwellings to determine the most cost-effective energy conservation measures (ECM) to install.

DOE encourages WAP Grantees to coordinate with their assigned WAP Technical and Programmatic Project Officers one year before their energy audit expiration date to:

  • Review WPN 23-6 and attachments, and prepare the audit and supporting materials for submission. 
  • Inform the Project Officers whether there will be a new energy audit tool for a building type (single family, manufactured, or multifamily) or if a revised/updated version of the current approved energy audit tool will be submitted. 

For energy audit procedure reviews, DOE reviews not only how the energy audit tool is used to estimate energy use and potential weatherization savings, but also how a Grantee implements its energy audit procedures. Therefore, Grantees requesting approval of any energy audit tool must provide a list of measures typically enabled and provide the input data, assumptions, and audit results (recommended measures) for at least 10 dwelling units of each housing type, e.g., 10 site-built audits, 10 manufactured home audits. If a Grantee requests multifamily approval and wishes to submit fewer than 10 multifamily audits, then the Grantee should contact the DOE Project Officers of record to discuss this requirement. 

Expedited Energy Audits

 Single Family (1–4 units)Manufactured HousingSmall Multifamily (5–24 units, each unit separately heated/cooled)Large Multifamily (25+ units or central mechanical systems)


Developer: Association for Energy Affordability (AEA), New York, NY
ECOSDeveloper: JAI Software, Farmingdale, ME
eQUESTDeveloper: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Berkeley, CA
OptiMiserDeveloper: OptiMiser LLC, Denver, CO
REMDeveloper: NORESCO, LLC, Boulder, CO
TREATDeveloper: Performance Systems Development (PSD), Ithaca, NY

Weatherization Assistant

(NEAT, MHEA, and MulTEA)

Developer: Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN
NEAT approvedMHEA approvedNEAT and MulTEA approved only for buildings with individually heated and cooled dwelling unitsMulTEA approved only for buildings with individually heated and cooled dwelling units

 "YES" means that the audit tool has been previously approved for this housing stock

"NO" means that the audit tool has not been previously approved for this housing type or that it is not designed for this housing type