Weatherization worker insulating an attic.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) requires Grantees to have field guides approved every 3 years. This schedule ensures WAP Grantees have the most up-to-date technical policies and procedures in place for their Weatherization Subgrantee Network to weatherize single family, manufactured, and multifamily buildings.

Per Section 1 of WPN 15‐4: Quality Work Plan Requirement: All tasks performed on client homes must meet the specifications, objectives and desired outcomes outlined in the Standard Work Specifications for Home Energy Upgrades (SWS) where applicable.

However, as WAP Grantees update and revise their field standards to align with the SWS, they may discover certain specifications that cannot be implemented precisely as described in the relevant SWS. In such cases, WAP Grantees may request a variance from the relevant SWS.

DOE recommends WAP Grantees submit the following required Field Guides/Field Standards materials to their assigned DOE Technical Project Officer 6 months prior to the guide’s expiration date.

  • Field Guides and/or Standards documents
  • Any additional forms or documents referenced in the Field Guide or Standards documents (e.g., combustion safety testing protocols referenced but not included in the Field Guide)
  • Any SWS variance request form. This form requests the following information:
    • Proposed state standard
    • Relevant SWS(s) (must reference specific row of SWS)
    • Difference between proposed and SWS language
    • Specific conditions where variance will apply
    • Reasoning/Justification (including supporting technical materials as appropriate).

Visit the Field Guides/Variance Requests/Standards Approval Training Resources page for training videos.