Below are model contract templates and companion documents to help launch energy efficiency projects through Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC). Learn more about how these documents were developed.

The ESPC Model Documents were prepared as resources that can be used when developing or updating procurement and contracting documents for ESPC projects and programs.

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Documents have been organized into four categories:

Energy Service Company Solicitation

There are two main approaches to solicit an ESCO:

  1. ESCO Solicitation with ESCO Pre-Qualification
  2. ESCO Solicitation with Standard RFP

An institution can pre-qualify ESCOs by using a Request for Qualifications (RFQ)/Request for Proposal (RFP) process to select from a pre-qualified pool of ESCOs. Model documents for ESCO solicitations with ESCO pre-qualification are listed below and are organized in the following three categories.

Request for Qualifications to Pre-Qualify ESCOs

RFP for Final ESCO Selection from Pre-Qualified Pool

ESCO Pre-Qualification Contract

ESCO Solicitation with Standard RFP (no RFQ Phase)

In the absence of a pre-qualified pool, an institution can issue an RFP to solicit and select an ESCO. Model documents for ESCO solicitation with standard RFP include: 

  • RFP for Facility Owners to Select an ESCO
  • Attachment A: ESCO Response
  • Attachment B: Evaluation Criteria (Included in RFP for Facility Owners to Select an ESCO)
  • Attachment C: Technical Facility Profile
  • Attachment D: Cost and Pricing (See attachments D-1 and D-2 in RFQ to Pre-Qualify ESCOs)
  • Attachment E: Special Contract Terms and Conditions (Included in RFP for Facility Owners to Select an ESCO)
  • Attachment F: Investment Grad Audit and Project Development Contract (See Investment Grade Audit and Project Proposal)
  • Attachment G: Energy Savings Performance Contract (See Energy Savings Performance Contract)
  • Attachment H: Financing Solicitation Package (See Financing Solicitation)
  • Attachment I: State Statutes on ESPC (Placeholder. No file.)
  • Attachment J: Other
  • Attachment K: Proposed Project Schedule (Included in RFP for Facility Owners to Select an ESCO)
  • RFP to Select an ESCO: Evaluation Workbook

Investment Grade Audit and Project Proposal

Once an ESCO is selected, the ESCO enters into a contract with the institution to:

  1. Conduct an investment grade audit to evaluate potential energy savings measures
  2. Present a project proposal for a set of bundled measures that deliver savings to pay for the project over the finance term

Model documents for investment grade audits and project proposals include: 

Energy Savings Performance Contract

The ESPC defines the project, establishing how it will be implemented during construction and how it will be managed through the entire term of the agreement, addressing construction details, roles and responsibilities of the ESCO and institution, and guaranteed savings through measurement and verification.

View a model ESPC to see examples of how it can be arranged. Download model schedules and exhibits as one complete document

Financing Solicitation

Financial firms may be competitively selected to provide financing, where the solicitation can be handled by the end-user or by the ESCO on behalf of the institution.

Model documents for financing solicitations include: