State and local governments across the U.S. are focused on how clean energy can help them meet a variety of energy, economic development, and environmental goals. An early step for most energy efficiency planning involves identifying and quantifying energy savings opportunities, followed by understanding how to access this efficiency potential.

The Energy Department offers numerous resources that show cost-effective energy efficiency potential nationally and by state, along with information that speaks to diverse audiences about the many benefits of energy efficiency, and technical resources to understand the energy and emissions savings from efficiency.


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  • Factsheet: Energy Efficiency Opportunities and Benefits
  • Infographic: The U.S. has the potential to cost-effectively reduce its electricity use by 741,000 GWh
  • Webinar: Energy Efficiency Potential for States, July 13, 2017


U.S. Energy Efficiency Potential

Energy Efficiency Opportunities and Benefits

  • SEE Action's Guide for States: Energy Efficiency as a Least-Cost Strategy to Reduce Greenhouse Gases and Air Pollution, and Meet Energy Needs in the Power Sector
    A practical document including accessible information on common energy efficiency strategies, resources to understand the range of expected savings from energy efficiency, common protocols for documenting savings, and more.
  • Pathways Presentations: How energy efficiency programs can support state energy planning
    At-a-glance look at key considerations for including energy efficiency strategies in state planning, including current activity at the national and state levels, supportive state and local policies, best practices, energy savings examples and potential, cost-effectiveness, and DOE support. See below.

Technical Resources and Assistance

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