The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of State and Community Energy Programs strategically plans its technical assistance to showcase clean energy leadership best practices and replicable models that help maximize energy and cost savings, combat climate change, and help achieve energy justice in communities. Public-sector leaders can explore the key resources below to learn more about how to craft an energy plan and/or create a program or initiative to maximize energy and cost savings.

Key Resources

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Developing Plans

The development of a long-term energy plan is a foundational step for improving energy performance in your jurisdiction. Strategic energy planning helps state and local governments focus efforts and actions toward a shared energy vision. For resources on state and local energy planning, please view the Key Resources above.

Developing Programs

State and local governments are uniquely positioned to identify and achieve their energy efficiency and renewable energy goals through programs that leverage their roles as both governing bodies and facility or infrastructure owners. The resources available here will help state and local governments design and implement energy programs. A few of the most promising opportunities to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy are listed here.

State and local governments, and K–12 schools can find resources on the following topic areas: