An Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) defines a project and establishes how it will be implemented during construction and how it will be managed through the entire term of the agreement, addressing construction details, roles and responsibilities of the Energy Service Company (ESCO) and the institution, and guaranteed savings through measurement and verification. This ESPC is for design, construction, guarantee, and follow-up measurement and verification of energy-saving projects.  A model ESPC can be downloaded below. 

The schedules and exhibits listed here can be downloaded below in one document, which provides process descriptions, examples, and tables related to the ESPC as well as the critical details that define the project, operations, and management.

Savings Guarantee

  • Schedule A: Savings Guarantee
  • Schedule B: Baseline Energy Consumption; Methodology to Adjust Baseline
  • Schedule C: Savings Measurement and Verification Plan; Post-Retrofit M&V Plan; Annual M&V Reporting Requirements
  • Schedule D: Data Collection and Reporting by ESCO - Using eProject Builder (ePB)
  • Schedule E: Measurement and Verification Plan - Sample
  • Schedule F: Measurement and Verification Guidelines
  • Schedule G: Left blank for optional schedules

Payments and Schedule

  • Schedule H: Final Project Cost & Project Cash Flow Analysis
  • Schedule I: Financing Agreement and Payment Schedule
  • Schedule J: Compensation to ESCO for Annual Services
  • Schedule K: Rebates, Incentives and Grants
  • Schedule L: Contingency Fund
  • Schedules M-P: Left blank for optional schedules

Design and Construction Phase

  • Schedule Q: Left blank for optional schedules
  • Schedule R: Equipment to be Installed by ESCO
  • Schedule S: Construction and Installation Schedule
  • Schedule T: Systems Start-Up and Commissioning; Operating Parameters of Installed Equipment
  • Schedule U: Standards of Comfort
  • Schedule V: ESCO’s Training Responsibilities
  • Schedule W: Retro-commissioning
  • Schedules X-AA: Left blank for optional schedules


  • Schedule BB: ESCO’s Maintenance Responsibilities
  • Schedule CC: Institution’s Maintenance Responsibilities
  • Schedule DD: Facility Maintenance Checklist
  • Schedules EE-II: Left blank for optional schedules


  • Schedule JJ: Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures
  • Schedule KK: Life of Contract Plan - Document Management
  • Schedules LL-OO: Left blank for optional schedules

Optional Schedules

  • Pre-Existing Service Contracts
  • Energy Savings Projections
  • Facility Changes Checklist
  • Current and Known Capital Projects at Facility


  • Exhibit I
  • Exhibit II
  • Exhibit III (i)
  • Exhibit III (ii)
  • Exhibit IV

Optional Exhibits

  • Manifest of Ownership
  • Minority and Woman-Owned Business Certification
  • Certification that Financing Term is no Longer than the Aggregated Equipment Lifetime
  • Notice of Substantial Completion
  • Notice to Proceed with Construction Phase
  • Record of Reviews by Institution

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