The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) State Energy Program (SEP) understands that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, State Energy Offices (SEOs) may be experiencing issues administering their SEP grants and preparing their state applications for FY20 funding. We are committed to working with you as circumstances arise and to figuring out the best path forward to ensure your continued operations.

More specifically:

  • Please reach out to your project officer if you are facing or expect to face difficulties in submitting your FY20 applications by the dates listed in the SEP FY20 Administrative and Legal Requirements Document  and we will work with you.
  • For those states with grants ending this year, if you expect you may not spend out by the end of your grant period and need an extension, please be assured that we do consider COVID-19 an extraordinary circumstance that would permit a grant extension.
  • If you will not be able to file your PAGE reports on time, please reach out to your project officer to discuss the situation and mutually agree on a date by which the reports will be submitted.

As always, we stand ready to help make your SEP program a success.