The Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals project fosters the growth of a high-quality residential energy upgrade market and a skilled, credentialed workforce. As a result, home energy workers can:

  • Stand out during job interviews and bids by obtaining U.S. Department of Energy-supported professional certifications that instill industry value and trust.
  • Travel across markets to find work and differentiate skills to gain a job with employers that value nationally recognized, transferrable Home Energy Professional Certifications.
  • Understand a logical progression for career advancement across the four most common job categories (energy auditors, installers/technicians, crew leaders, and quality control inspectors) through job task analyses (JTAs).
  • Achieve advanced certifications for experienced home energy performance professionals.
  • Help educate consumers and set uniform expectations for energy audits, scopes of work, and quality control efforts through standard work specifications that define the outcomes of quality work.
  • Communicate credibility and inspire consumer confidence through DOE support for the standard work specificationsaccredited training, and certification programs.