About Energy Future Grants

graphic depicting how local, state, and Tribal partnerships can lead to energy innovation with small images of solar panels, wind turbines, electric buses, buildings, and people.

The Energy Future Grants (EFG) provides $27 million in financial assistance and technical assistance to support local, state, and Tribal government-led partnership efforts that will help scale local strategies that increase resiliency and improve access to affordable clean energy. EFG seeks to ensure the broad benefits of a clean energy economy—including health, economic development and jobs, grid resilience and adaptability, and emissions reductions—flow to disadvantaged communities and support Justice 40, which directs 40% of the overall benefits of certain federal investments to flow to disadvantaged communities.

EFG projects will be led by communities and support innovative, deployment-based plans in the transportation, buildings, and/or power sectors. A successful project will have equitable program innovation, multi-jurisdictional partnerships, and scalable outcomes that can leverage DOE and other resources to speed and scale deployment strategies nationwide.  

Important Dates

April 4, 20242024 Selectees Announced
April 10, 2024EFG Program TA Cohorts Applications Close

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