The Building Training and Assessment Centers Program is designed to provide grants to institutions of higher education to establish building training and assessment centers to educate and train building technicians and engineers on implementing modern building technologies.



State and Community Energy Program

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Institutions of Higher Education

Period of Availability:

Available until expended

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Eligible Uses

  1. To identify opportunities for optimizing energy efficiency and environmental performance in buildings
  2. To promote the application of emerging concepts and technologies in commercial and institutional buildings
  3. To train engineers, architects, building scientists, building energy permitting and enforcement officials, and building technicians in energy-efficient design and operation
  4. To assist institutions of higher education and Tribal Colleges or Universities in training building technicians
  5. To promote research and development for the use of alternative energy sources and distributed generation to supply heat and power for buildings, particularly energy-intensive buildings
  6. To coordinate with and assist State-accredited technical training centers, community colleges, Tribal Colleges or Universities, and local offices of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture and ensure appropriate services are provided under this section to each region of the United States.

Next Milestone

Estimated application opening date, 4th quarter 2022.

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