TXU - Commercial Energy Efficiency Program

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Savings Category: 
Solar Photovoltaics
Water Heaters
Lighting Controls/Sensors
Heat Pumps
Air conditioners
Compressed air
Programmable Thermostats
Energy Mgmt. Systems/Building Controls
Motor VFDs
Custom/Others pending approval
Other EE
Vending Machine Controls
Reflective Roofs
Tankless Water Heater
Program Info
Sector Name: 
Program Type: 
Rebate Program
Rebate Amount: 

Lighting: Varies
LED Exit Signs: $25/unit
Occupancy Sensors: $20/unit

HVAC Replacement: $125/ton
Programmable Thermostat: $50/unit
Vending/Cooler Miser: $50/unit
Snack Miser: $20/unit
Electric Tankless Water Heaters: $200/unit
Chillers/Rooftop HVAC: Contact TXU
LED/Other Lighting: Contact TXU
Energy Management Systems: Contact TXU
Compressed Air/VFD: Contact TXU
ENERGYSTAR-rated Roof: Contact TXU


TXU offers a variety of rebates to business customers who sign up for or renew a 12 month contract with TXU. Rebates are available for HVAC equipment, lighting, programmable thermostats, vending equipment, tankless water heaters, and lighting. Some rebates have been assigned a pre-determined rebate value, while others will be rewarded on a case-by-case basis. Some rebates may also vary based upon the energy usage and contract signed by the facility. Contact TXU for additional details on this program.

Other Eligible Retrofits May Include:
    Chiller replacement
    Rooftop HVAC replacement
    Energy Management Systems / Building Automation Systems
    LED lighting
    Other fluorescent lighting retrofit configurations
    Compressed air system upgrades
    ENERGY STAR® rated roofs
    Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
    Solar Installations