Texas-New Mexico Power Company - Residential, Hard-to-Reach, and High-Performance New Homes Programs

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Low Income Residential
Savings Category: 
Clothes Washers
Equipment Insulation
Water Heaters
Heat Pumps
Air conditioners
Duct/Air sealing
Building Insulation
Other EE
Maximum Rebate: 

Central A/C: $2,500
Central Heat Pump: $2,500

Program Info
Sector Name: 
Texas-New Mexico Power Company
Program Type: 
Rebate Program
Rebate Amount: 

Residential Standard Offer Program
Ceiling Roof Insulation: $229/kW, $0.10/kWh
Central A/C: $350/kW, $0.13/kWh
Central Heat Pump: $425/kW, $0.14/kWh
LED: $3.50/lamp
Attic Encapsulation: $229/kW, $0.10/kWh
Cool Roofs: $250/kW, $0.07/kWh
A/C Tune-Up: $130/kW, $0.12/kWh
Low-Flow Showerhead: $225/kW, $0.07/kWh
Pool Pumps: $250/unit
All Other Measures: $225/kW, $0.07/kWh

Ceiling Roof Insulation: $323/kW, $0.18/kWh
Central A/C: $385/kW, $0.14/kWh
Central Heat Pump: $465/kW, $0.15/kWh
LED: $4.50/lamp
Attic Encapsulation: $323/kW, $0.18/kWh
Cool Roofs: $270/kW, $0.11/kWh
A/C Tune-Up: $170/kW, $0.11/kWh
Low-Flow Showerhead: $270/kW, $0.11/kWh
All Other Measures: $270/kW, $0.11/kWh

High-Performance Home
Air Conditioner: $24 - $232/unit
Heat Pump: $14 - $140/unit

Residential & Hard-to-Reach Programs

The primary objective of these programs is to achieve cost-effective reductions in peak demand. Additional objectives of the programs are to:

  • encourage private sector delivery of energy efficiency products and services,
  • achieve customer energy and cost savings,
  • significantly reduce barriers to participation by streamlining program procedures, and
  • encourage participation by a wide range of service providers.

Participating Project Sponsors market their services to customers and reach an agreement on which measures to be installed, the terms of the sale, price and any other issues. A customer then signs the Host Customer Agreement and Acknowledgement form. Upon installation, a customer may be selected as part of a random sample of sites to be inspected or surveyed by the Texas Evaluation, Measurement and Verification contractor. Residential incentives are available for reductions in peak demand (kilowatts (kW)) and energy consumption (kilowatt-hours (kWh)). Visit the program web site for more information.

TNMP High-Performance Homes

The TNMP High-Performance Homes program promotes the construction and certification of new High-Performance and ENERGY STAR-certified homes. This voluntary program provides financial incentives and other types of assistance to production and custom homebuilders who commit to construct homes within the TNMP service territory that meet High-Performance or ENERGY STAR specifications. The goal of the Program is to create a sustainable market that leads to:

  • a continuous supply of High-Performance and ENERGY STAR-certified homes,
  • increased consumer demand and perceived value of High-Performance and ENERGY STAR-certified homes, and
  • increased improvements in home energy performance.