SMUD - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

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Multifamily Residential
Savings Category: 
Solar Water Heat
Lighting Controls/Sensors
Heat Pumps
Air conditioners
Motor VFDs
Food Service Equipment
Commercial Cooking Equipment
LED Lighting
Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
Industrial Systems General
Industrial System / Process Specific
Maximum Rebate: 

Express Energy Solutions: $20,000 per account, per year
Complete Energy Solutions: 80% of project costs
Custom Incentives: 50% of project cost or $150,000
Savings by Design: $150,000 plus $50,000 additional design team incentives

Program Info
Sector Name: 
Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Program Type: 
Rebate Program
Rebate Amount: 

Express Energy Solutions
Screw-in, Recessed & Pin Base Lighting to LED: $1-$8
Fluorescent Lighting to LED: $4-$40
HID Lighting to LED: $6-$190
Lighting Controls: $8-$15
HVAC and VFD: $50-$150/ton
Refrigeration: $4-$75
Food Service Equipment: $100-$6,125
Multifamily Incentives: varies, see website for details

Complete Energy Solutions
Varies, see website or call 1-855-822-2936 for details

Custom Incentives
Heating and Cooling Systems: $0.15 energy reduction, $200/kW demand reduction
LED Lighting and Controls: $0.10-$20/kWh reduced
Refrigeration: $0.15/kWh energy reduction, $200/kW demand reduction
Industrial Processes: $0.15/kWh energy reduction, $200/kW demand reduction
Pump Energy Assessment: $0.15/kWh, $200/kW
Retrocommissioning: $0.08/kWh, $150/kW

Savings by Design
Varies, see website or contact utility for details


Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) offers a wide array of incentives for its commercial customers to increase the energy efficiency of their facilities. SMUD offers four different rebate programs to accomplish this goal. Customers who know the energy upgrades they want to install, have a contractor, and are ready to start should consider the Express Energy Solutions. For customers who don't know where to start, the Complete Energy Solutions program may be a good place to begin. Complex, large, and industrial projects are often good candidates for the Custom Incentives Program. For new construction measures, customers should consider the Savings by Design program. More information can be found on the program website.