Renewable Energy Systems Exemption

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Multifamily Residential
Savings Category: 
Solar - Passive
Solar Water Heat
Solar Space Heat
Geothermal Electric
Solar Thermal Electric
Solar Thermal Process Heat
Solar Photovoltaics
Wind (All)
Geothermal Heat Pumps
Municipal Solid Waste
Landfill Gas
Solar Pool Heating
Wind (Small)
Hydroelectric (Small)
Geothermal Direct-Use
Anaerobic Digestion
Fuel Cells using Renewable Fuels
Maximum Rebate: 

Based on investment of $20,000 for single family, and on investment of $100,000 for multi-family, non-residential.

Program Info
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Program Type: 
Property Tax Incentive
Rebate Amount: 

100% for 10 years.

Montana's property tax exemption for recognized non-fossil forms of energy generation and low emission wood or biomass combustion devices may be claimed for 10 years after installation of the property. The exemption is allowed for up to $20,000 in value for single-family residential dwellings and up to $100,000 in value for multi-family residential dwellings or non-residential structures. This property is class 4 property and otherwise would be taxed on 2.54% of assessed value in tax year 2013 and 2.47% in tax years after 2013.

Recognized forms of energy generation include solar photovoltaics, passive solar, wind, solid waste, decomposition of organic wastes, geothermal, small hydropower plants, low-emission wood or biomass combustion systems, and fuel cells that do not require hydrocarbon fuel.

Use Montana Department of Revenue Form AB-14 to claim this exemption.