NYSEG (Electric) - Commercial and Industrial Efficiency Program

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Savings Category: 
Lighting Controls/Sensors
Heat Pumps
Air conditioners
Custom/Others pending approval
Maximum Rebate: 

No maximum per customer rebate; however, NYSEG/RG&E reserve the right to cap the rebate to any one customer.

Program Info
Sector Name: 
Franklin Energy
Funding Source: 

PSC-mandated System Benefits Charge (SBC)

New York
Program Type: 
Rebate Program
Rebate Amount: 

LED Replacement Tubes: $4 - $10/lamp
LED Screw-In and Pin-Based Lamps: $2 - $3/lamp
LED Interior Ambient Fixtures: $0.30/watt reduced
LED Downlights: $0.25/watt reduced
LED High/Low Bay Fixtures: $0.40/watt reduced
LED Mogul Base Lamps: $0.25/watt reduced
LED Refrigerated Case Lights: $0.35 - $0.40/watt reduced
LED Exterior Area Fixtures: $0.40/watt reduced
LED Parking Garage/Soffit/Canopy Fixtures: $0.50/watt reduced
Lighting Controls: $15 - $40/sensor; $0.25/sq. ft.

A/C or Heat Pump 5.4 - 11.25 tons: $80/ton (Tier I 11.5 EER), $100/ton (Tier II 12.0 EER)
A/C or Heat Pump 11.25 - 20 tons: $80/ton (Tier I 11.5 EER), $100/ton (Tier II 12.0 EER)
A/C or Heat Pump 20 - 63 tons: $50/ton (Tier I 10.5 EER), $90/ton (Tier II 10.8 EER)
A/C or Heat Pump greater than 63 tons: $25/ton + $5/ton for each 0.1 EER above 9.7

VFD Measures
Condenser Water Pump: $40
Chilled Water Pump: $40
Hot Water Pump: $40
Return Fan: $60
Supply Fan: $60
Cooling Tower Fan: $40

Kitchen Equipment
Convection Oven: $200
Fryer: $300
Griddle: $300
Steamer: $1,000
Ice-Maker: $75 - $400
Remote Condensing: $150 - $400
Self-Contained: $75 - $400
High Temperature Dishwashers: $400 - $1,500
ECM for Refrigeration Evaporator Fans: $20/motor

Electric: $0.13/kWh


NYSEG and RG&E offer rebates to non-residential customers installing energy efficient equipment that have an electricity Systems Benefits Charge (SBC) included in their energy bills. Both prescriptive rebates and custom incentives are available.

Custom incentives are available when energy efficiency improvements require site-specific engineering and cost analysis. Any nonresidential NYSEG or RG&E electricity customer is eligible, and customers can select their own contractor to install equipment.

If a standard rebate or custom projects meet the eligibility requirements specified on the individual application forms, then participants should submit equipment specification sheets, equipment inventory sheets, building plans and invoices with the application. NYSEG or RG&E may require a pre-installation inspection. After approval of the application, NYSEG or RG&E will authorize payment in 6-8 weeks. Pre-approval is required for all custom applications, and for standard rebate applications of more than $10,000.