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Solar Photovoltaics
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NV Energy
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Rebate Program
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Solar (As of 9/24/18):

Residential/Commercial/Industrial (25 kW or smaller): $0.20 / watt-AC

Low Income/Nonprofit/Public Entity (25 kW or smaller): $0.45 / watt-AC
Residential/Commercial/Industrial (greater than 25 kW): $0.0250 / kWh
Low Income/Nonprofit/Public Entity (greater than 25 kW): $0.0550 / kWh

Wind (As of 9/24/18):
Residential/Commercial/Industrial: $0.40 / watt-AC
Low Income/Nonprofit/Public Entity: $0.80 / watt-AC


The SolarGenerations Rebate Program was established in 2003 as a result of AB 431 ("the Solar Energy Systems Demonstration Program") and began accepting applications in August 2004. The program was subsequently amended numerous times and rebates are now available for grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) and small wind systems installed on residences, small businesses, large commercial/industrial facilities, public buildings, low-income housing, non-profits and schools; and small hydroelectric systems installed at grid-connected agricultural sites and tribal entities. Participants must be current Nevada customers of NV Energy to participate.


Customers may install PV systems sized to meet 100% of their annual energy needs up to a maximum of 500 kilowatts (kW). Systems 25 kW and smaller will receive an Up-Front Incentive (UFI) based on the system's size. The incentive payment may not exceed 50% of the average installation cost per watt of 25 kW and smaller solar systems installed in the SolarGenerations Program in the quarter prior to application. This average is published quarterly by NV Energy on the SolarGenerations website. Systems larger than 25 kW will receive a Performance Based Incentive (PBI), paid quarterly for five years, based on the actual electricity produced by the system. 

SolarGenerations Incentives as of 9/24/18

Category Incentive Rate/Status
Residential/Commercial/Industrial (25 kW or smaller) $0.20 / watt-AC
Low Income/Nonprofit/Public Entity (25 kW or smaller) $0.45 / watt-AC
Residential/Commercial/Industrial (greater than 25 kW) $0.0250 / kWh 
Low Income/Nonprofit/Public Entity (greater than 25 kW) $0.0550 / kWh 



Customers may install wind systems sized to meet 100% of their annual energy needs up to a maximum of 500 kilowatts (kW). Incentives are paid quarterly for up to five years based on the actual electricity produced by the system. 

WindGenerations Incentives as of 9/24/18

Category Incentive Rate/Status
Residential/Commercial/Industrial $0.040 / kWh
Low Income/Nonprofit/Public Entity  $0.080 / kWh

Incentive amounts will decline over time as certain participation levels are met. NV Energy takes ownership of the renewable energy credits (RECs) associated with the electricity produced by a customer’s PV, wind or small hydro system. The RECs count towards the utility's' goals under Nevada's renewable portfolio standards (RPS).