Mandatory Photovoltaic System Cost Estimate

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Solar Photovoltaics
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Line Extension Analysis
At the request of a customer or a potential customer, Colorado electric utilities are required to conduct a cost comparison of a photovoltaic (PV) system to any proposed distribution line extension if the customer or potential customer provides the utility with load data (estimated monthly kilowatt-hour usage) requested by the utility to conduct the comparison, and if the customer's or potential customer's peak demand is estimated to be less than 25 kilowatts (kW). In performing the comparison analysis, the utility must consider line-extension distance, overhead or underground construction, terrain, other variable construction costs, and the probability of additions to the line extension during the life of the open extension period.

If the customer has a ratio of estimated monthly kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage to line extension mileage that is less than or equal to 1,000, the utility must provide the comparison at no cost. If the ratio is greater than 1,000, the customer who requests a cost comparison must pay for it.