Kansas City Power & Light - Commercial/Industrial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

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Savings Category: 
Clothes Washers
Water Heaters
Lighting Controls/Sensors
Heat Pumps
Air conditioners
Compressed air
Programmable Thermostats
Duct/Air sealing
Building Insulation
Motor VFDs
Custom/Others pending approval
Personal Computing Equipment
LED Lighting
Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
Maximum Rebate: 

$500,000 per customer per year for total of standard and custom rebates
70 % of project cost for small business lighting

Program Info
Sector Name: 
Kansas City Power & Light
Program Type: 
Rebate Program
Rebate Amount: 



KCP&L offers two types of rebate incentives – Standard and Custom. Since the rebate programs vary between the KCP&L service areas “Greater Missouri Operations” (rate schedule code 1xxxx) and “KCP&L-Missouri” (rate schedule code MOxxx), interested customers should visit the program website or contact a KCP&L customer service representative for more specific information.

Standard incentives are available for lighting and controls; air conditioning, heat pumps, and chillers; pumps and variable frequency drives; appliances; business computing; food service and refrigeration; and air compressors (“KCP&L-Missouri” service area only).

Custom rebates are also available upon request. All Custom rebates are analyzed individually to ensure that they meet KCP&L’s Societal Benefit/Cost Guidelines. Custom rebates are calculated as the lesser of a buydown to a 2-year payback or 50% of the incremental cost. Custom rebates are available for existing and new facilities.

KCP & L also offers a program specifically for small business lighting (link). Commercial customers with a peak demand of 100 kW or less at one location or 250 kW or less in total peak demand across multiple sites are eligible. Customers can receive a free lighting evaluation through an approved contractor and can then receive rebates on upgrades recommended by the contractor. The total rebate is capped at 70% of the project cost; individual rebate amounts are here.