Idaho Power - Large Commercial Custom Efficiency Program

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Savings Category: 
Lighting Controls/Sensors
Air conditioners
Compressed air
Energy Mgmt. Systems/Building Controls
Processing and Manufacturing Equipment
Custom/Others pending approval
Other EE
LED Lighting
Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
Program Info
Sector Name: 
Idaho Power Company
Funding Source: 

Conservation Program Funding Charge Energy Efficiency Riders

Program Type: 
Rebate Program
Rebate Amount: 

Commercial and Industrial: $0.18/kWh saved or 70% of project cost, whichever is less
Standard Lighting Incentives:
Standard T8 Fluorescent Lighting: $8-$36/fixture
High Performance T8 Fluorescent Lighting: $22-$55/fixture
T5 Fluorescent Lighting: $20-$45/fixture
T5/T8 High Bay (New): $75-$200/fixture
Fixture Delamping/Removal: $5/ T12 lamp
Relamp or Reduced Wattage T8/T5HO: $1/fixture
Screw-In CFL: $2-$20/fixture
Hardwired CFL: $30-$55/fixture
Ceramic/Pulse Start/Metal Halide Lighting: $30-$200/fixture
LED Fixture: $15-$30
LED Exit Sign: $40
Permanent Fixture Removal: $15-$30
Lighting Controls: $35-$60/unit
Refrigeration Case Lighting: $10-$15/case
Complete Interior Lighting Upgrade: 5% bonus on interior incentives


Large commercial and industrial Idaho Power customers that reduce energy usage through more efficient electrical commercial and industrial processes may qualify for an incentive that is the lesser of either 18 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) saved per year or 70% of the project cost. The incentive is specifically for customers on Large General Service, Large Commercial, and Large Power Service, although other large industrial customers may qualify. Incentives are given to customers that are making complex energy efficiency upgrades to electrical industrial and commercial processes, motor systems, controls, fans, pumps, compressors, lighting, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. 

Idaho Power provides free scoping audits or 75% of the cost of a detailed, system-specific audit, up to $12,500.

Contact Idaho Power regarding the minimum required savings in order to participate. Customers must obtain pre-approval for all custom efficiency projects and lighting projects with estimated incentives of $1,000 or more. Customers will receive incentives once a project has been completed and verified. For more information, including an application, project overview and service representative contact information, view the Idaho Power program web site.