COOLAdvantage Program

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Multifamily Residential
Low Income Residential
Savings Category: 
Geothermal Heat Pumps
Clothes Washers
Heat Pumps
Air conditioners
Program Info
Sector Name: 
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, Office of Clean Energy
Funding Source: 

New Jersey Societal Benefits Charge (public benefits fund); State Energy Program (SEP) funds

New Jersey
Program Type: 
Rebate Program
Rebate Amount: 

Central AC: Tier 1 $300(Tier 1), $500 (Tier 2)
Ductless Mini Split A/C or Heat Pump: $500
Air Source Heat Pump: $300 (Tier 1), $500(Tier 2)
Geothermal Heat Pump: $500


The COOLAdvantage Program’s objective is to improve the energy efficiency of new electric air conditioners and heat pumps. To promote both the sale of energy efficient units and proper installation techniques, the New Jersey Clean Energy Program offers rebates for properly sized and installed high efficiency systems. In order to qualify for a rebate, the unit must meet a minimum energy efficient standard, based on its SEER, EER or HSPF ratings. Customers of Atlantic City Electric, Jersey Central Power & Light, PSE&G and Rockland Electric Company are generally eligible to apply for this rebate; however, funding is also available for oil, propane, and municipal electric utility customers. 

Builders of new homes are not eligible to participate in the CoolAdvantage program but are encouraged to participate in the Residential New Construction program. New Jersey also offers incentives for water heaters, furnaces, and boilers through the WarmAdvantage program