Clark Public Utilities - Solar Energy Equipment Loan

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Solar Water Heat
Solar Photovoltaics
Solar Pool Heating
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Clark PUD
Program Type: 
Loan Program
Clark Public Utilities offers financing available to its customers for the purchase and installation of residential solar equipment. Loans up to $10,000 are available for solar pool heaters and solar water heaters and up to $30,000 for photovoltaic systems.

Solar water heater loans, solar pool heater loans and solar PV loans under $10,000 have repayment terms of up to 5 years, but a minimum monthly payment of $25 is required. Solar PV loans over $10,000 have a maximum term of 7 years. All loans carry an interest rate of 3.5%. Solar pool and water heater loans are only applicable to customers currently using electricity to heat water. Loans of less than $5,000 have a loan processing fee of $230, and loans of $5,000 or more have a loan processing fee of $385. Loans are not transferable.