Alliant Energy Interstate Power and Light (Gas and Electric) - Farm Equipment Energy Efficiency Incentives

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Geothermal Heat Pumps
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Motor VFDs
Agricultural Equipment
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Alliant Energy
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Rebate Program
Rebate Amount: 

Livestock Equipment
Livestock Waterers: $40/waterer
Scroll Compressors: $250/unit
Swine Farrowing Heat Mat: $65 - $130/mat
Milk Pre-Coolers: $3.40/cow
Milkers and Heat Reclaimers: $5/cow
Variable Speed Drives for Dairy Vacuum Pumps: $5/cow

Fans & Ventilation
Circulating Fans: $25 - $75/fan
Fan Control: $20
High-Efficiency Ventilation System: $45 - $150/fan
High-Volume, Low-speed Fans: $750/fan

Motors & Drives
Motors: $30 - $2,380
Variable Speed Drives: $35/HP

Heating & Cooling
Air-Source Heat Pump: $150 - $800/unit
Desuperheater: $150
Geothermal Heat Pump: $350 - $1,600/ton

Grain / Irrigation
Grain Dryer: $750 - $8,500
Grain Storage Bin Aeration Fan Controls: $1,500 - $25,000
Low Pressure Irrigation System: $20/acre

Rebates vary widely; see program website

Custom Projects: See program website
Farm Energy Assessment: Free
Home Energy Assessment: Free (check eligibility)


Interstate Power and Light (Alliant Energy) offers prescriptive rebates for a variety of energy efficient products for agricultural customers. In addition to these incentives, IPL offers a Farm Energy Audit and New Construction Programs. For the Farm Energy Audit, customers that install technologies suggested by the energy audit are eligible for rebates. The New Construction Program offers both design and construction incentives for high efficiency buildings. For design, the customer works with IPL on the design of the building and the incentive amount is based on the square footage of the building. The construction incentives are based on the annualized therm and kilowatt-hour savings after the project is completed. For more information on this program, see the New Construction web site.