Power your home — and save money — with Home Energy Rebates 

Through the Home Energy Rebates, you may be eligible for cash back on appliances and other home improvements that can lower your energy bills. The map below shows your state’s progress toward launching its rebates.

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Last updated 04/09/2024

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Step 1: Preparing application

Each state applies to the U.S. Department of Energy for its full program funding. Many states at this step have applied for or have received optional early funding to jumpstart their programs. [1]

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Step 2: Application submitted

After a state submits its application, DOE reviews it to confirm the program is designed to maximize benefit to consumers.  

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Step 3: DOE approves application 

Once DOE approves the state’s application, it awards the state its funding. The state then takes the final steps to set up its rebates program. 

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Step 4: Rebate program launched

The state is now ready to issue rebates to its residents.

[1] This map’s color codes reflect applications for full program funding. DOE also offers states the option to apply for early administrative funding to help set up their programs. States and territories bypassing this application will receive these funds as part of their full program funding. Click on your state to see if it has applied for or received early administrative funding.   

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