This EVMS and Project Analysis Standard Operating Procedure (EPASOP) serves as a primary reference for PM-20 when conducting project-level data analysis at the PMB level to support Monthly Project Assessments and other assessment needs. The results of the analysis and tools herein also support PM-30 EVMS Compliance Review data analysis (reference ECRSOP), and other project assessments where EVM data is contractually required. This SOP refers to several Project Assessment and Reporting System (PARS) reports and provides instruction on interpretation of data to support project performance, predictive analysis, and identification of concerns with the contractor’s EVMS. This SOP applies to PM-20 and PM-30 and is available for use outside PM. The framework for analysis outlines sequential steps taken when conducting project-level analysis using the Contractor’s data uploaded in PARS in accord with PARS Contractor Project Performance (CPP) Upload Requirements Document. The analysis framework includes the following processes: 1. Assess data validity; 2. Assess schedule health; 3. Analyze variances; 4. Analyze trends; 5. Forecast performance. By following this Analysis Plan, the Analyst can assess EVMS data validity, identify sources of current and past performance issues, determine if recent corrective actions were successful in improving performance, and assess baseline stability and reasonableness of the Estimate at Completion. After the analysis is complete, the Analyst can determine, based on issue severity and potential impact to CD-4 and/or Estimate at Completion (EAC), as to which issues warrant being covered in the Monthly Project Assessment.