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The Department of Energy’s Office of Policy (OP) is now accepting applications to select interns through the Department of Energy's Student Volunteer Internship Program. Over 10 weeks, interns will be working with policymakers in one of OP’s offices, making meaningful contributions to research, analysis and day to day office administration. This program provides a unique opportunity to learn about energy policy at the national level, and build research and analytical skills. 

About the Office of Policy The Office of Policy (OP) serves as the principal office advising the Under Secretary of Energy and primarily functions as a focal point for coordination within the Department of Energy on the formulation, analysis, and implementation of domestic energy policy and related programmatic options and initiatives. The role of the Office of Policy is to deliver objective analysis and support activities on existing and prospective energy-related policies for DOE leadership. 

 OP covers a number of areas in energy policy, including:

  • Environment, and Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Security
  • Energy Systems and Integration
  • Water-Energy Nexus
  • Critical Materials 
  • Energy Finance, Incentives and Program Review
  • State, Local and Tribal Cooperation


Interns in OP will:

  • Research discrete energy issues,
  • Write content for research papers or white papers,
  • Prepare memos on specific topics for supervisors,
  • Attend meetings, and
  • Manage other duties as required.


To qualify for an OP internship you must:

  • Demonstrate an interest in energy policy, public policy, or a related field
  • Possess the following skills:
    • Strong research and/or analytical skills,
    • Detail oriented, and
    • Ability to communicate effectively via email and in person.
  • Be available to intern at our office for at least 10 weeks for the given semester (summer, fall, or spring)
  • Be a third or fourth year undergraduate student or a graduate student
  • Be a U.S. citizen

Through OP Internships, you can earn academic credit via DOE’s Student Volunteer Program. Selected applicant(s) may opt to use funding from external internship programs while serving on OP internships. Please ask for more details if you are selected for an interview. 

To Apply

If you are interested in applying for an internship, please email OPinternship@hq.doe.gov the following items:

  • A Cover Letter indicating the following things
    • Your interest in energy policy
    • The areas within OP of most interest (up to 3)
    • Your research experience
    • Your student status
    • The desired semester (Summer, Fall, or Spring)
  • Your resume or CV (in PDF format)
  • 1 academic or professional reference (name, position, email, phone)

The deadline to apply for the summer 2018 program is 5:00 pm on Friday, March 23, 2018.

If you have any questions about the program, please e-mail OPinternship@hq.doe.gov

OP Intern Testimonials

"During my undergraduate experience, I chose to spend two summers interning with the DOE’s policy office. I was drawn to the Office of Policy’s coverage of a wide variety of federal and subnational energy policy issues. As an intern, I substantively contributed to office projects, while also working on a project I spearheaded. It is incredibly rewarding to know that my work has contributed to improvements in energy system resilience and security. Through smaller projects and conversations with the group of energy experts in the office, I also built upon my knowledge of oil markets, electricity markets, cybersecurity, and the regulatory process.

Everyone that I met in the office was eager to discuss their work and offer advice on possible career paths in the energy sector following the internship and graduation. My mentors also took an active interest in making sure that I was developing the skills and exploring the topics that I wanted and connected me with other projects and teams at DOE over the summer to accomplish my goals. An internship with the Office of Policy will be a rewarding experience for anyone interested in learning more about energy markets and policy."

-Andrew Klimazewski, Summer 2017

“Being a part of OP was a fantastic opportunity for me: not only in putting my broad engineering and public policy skills to work, but also in leveraging my specialized knowledge on innovation and markets to advance and support work on national reports. It gave me irreplaceable insight into the policy process, introduced me to a great network, and has been an important experience in informing my future professional trajectory.”

-Katherine McMahon, Summer 2017