Natural Gas Modernization Clearinghouse

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This Natural Gas Modernization Clearinghouse provides information about the implications of natural gas infrastructure modernization, including strategies and technologies that increase public safety, improve efficiency and environmental performance and enhance natural gas deliverability.  Specific topic areas include information on measuring and reducing methane emissions, technology research and development, job creation opportunities, and policies and programs that are driving new investments in modernization.  At this time, the resources in this clearinghouse generally focus on mid- and downstream components of the natural gas system (i.e., transmission, storage and distribution infrastructures), through many of the cited resources are also relevant to other segments of natural gas infrastructure.

More information about the Department of Energy's natural gas infrastructure modernization program can be found here.

The resources featured in the Clearinghouse include a table of reports and data sources as well as a list of stakeholders.


In 2014, Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz hosted five methane stakeholder roundtables meetings with a range of participants from industry, environmental organizations, labor groups, academic researchers and others involved in the natural gas sector. The primary goal of these methane roundtables was to catalyze action to reduce methane emissions from the distribution, transmission, storage, and processing segments of natural gas systems. Additional goals for these methane roundtables included: 1) promoting a common understanding of the scale of methane emissions from natural gas systems and related abatement opportunities; 2) catalyzing greater action and engagement by policymakers at all levels of government; and 3) encouraging visible leadership and demonstrated commitments to a common vision that embraces the need to reduce methane emissions from natural gas systems. Through these meetings it became clear that many stakeholders share a common interest in natural gas infrastructure modernization, to improve safety, reduce emissions, improve reliability and deliverability or create jobs. Towards these ends, the Department of Energy (DOE) committed to creating this website to share information regarding best practices, technology solutions, and policies to modernize natural gas infrastructure.


DOE welcomes stakeholder feedback on the content of this clearinghouse.  Stakeholders are welcome to suggest resources that would be of use to others in the natural gas community, or provide any other input on any other aspect of the clearinghouse to