Technical Workshop: Resilience Metrics for Energy Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure

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During this workshop, EPSA invited technical experts from industry, national laboratories, academia, and NGOs to discuss the state of play of and need for resilience metrics and how they vary by natural gas, liquid fuels and electric grid infrastructures.  Issues important to resilience metrics were identified and explored, ranging from power backup contingency plans, to the impacts of loss of internet data and telecommunications, to the growing dependence of shale supply and transmission infrastructures on electricity.  Key outputs from the workshop included identification of:

• The types of energy sector resilience metrics that have been developed and are being commonly used as they apply to different vulnerabilities (e.g., in the context of climate change, cyber, and physical attacks);
• The adequacy of existing metrics that have been proposed or applied in each context; and
• Options for improving resilience metrics across energy sectors.

The agenda, list of participants, workshop summary, and other supporting documents from the two meetings are posted here.