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U.S.-Israel Integrated Energy and Desalination Design Challenge Lab Call

May 23, 2016

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Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis (EPSA) has issued a National Laboratory call for proposals for the U.S.-Israel Integrated Energy and Desalination Design Challenge. U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and Israel’s Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources (MIEW) Minister Yuval Steinitz agreed to launch the Challenge last month as part of the effort to expand cooperation on energy-related research and development between the two countries. Both countries are interested in improving the energy performance, efficiency, and flexibility of desalination systems to increase the options for water provisioning in water-scarce regions. 

The Challenge seeks designs for novel integrated energy and desalinization systems that can flexibly interface with the modern electric grid, varying their operations depending on current conditions. Successful designs will economically balance input and output flows of water, electricity, and wastes, while addressing water demand, electricity system service market opportunities, and environmental goals.  Challenge specifications have been developed jointly by American and Israeli experts.   The U.S. and Israel are each supporting work performed in their own country.

The Lab Call represents the U.S. side of the Challenge. Applications must be led by National Laboratories, but partnerships with outside organizations including industry, utilities, academia, nonprofits, and others are highly encouraged. There is a parallel competition for Israeli applicants. There will be a joint workshop in early 2017, where the U.S. and Israeli Challenge winners will be selected.

This Challenge is informed by The Water-Energy Nexus: Challenge and Opportunities report, which DOE issued in June 2014. It aligns with research on low cost, low energy, low carbon desalination in the Department’s energy-water nexus crosscut.

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