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Small Business’s innovation, ingenuity and effectiveness is the key to America's Energy independence!

The Department of Energy (DOE) is entrusted with critical responsibilities for America’s security and prosperity:

  • Sustaining the nuclear deterrent without testing; in an age of global terrorism, advancing the President’s commitment to controlling and eliminating nuclear materials worldwide; supporting the Navy nuclear propulsion program;
  • Enabling the transition to a low-carbon secure energy future, especially by developing low-cost all-of-the-above energy technologies and a 21st century resilient energy infrastructure;
  • Providing the backbone for America’s research community, especially in the physical sciences, as the foundation for discovery and innovation;
  • Protecting public health and safety through a long-term commitment to cleaning up the Cold War legacy from nuclear weapons production and by developing and maintaining emergency response capabilities for nuclear and radiological incidents and energy infrastructure disruptions.

The seventeen DOE national laboratories are core scientific and technical assets for carrying out these mission. 

The keys to these investments are America’s Small Businesses!

The Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization created the Annual DOE Small Business Forum and Expo (DOE2017) to connect the agency’s offices, power administrations, laboratory and technology centers, and prime contractors to connect with small business entrepreneurs to meet the challenges of the President’s strategy of

  • Developing and securing America’s energy Supplies
  • Providing Americans with choices to reduce costs and save energy
  • Innovative America’s way to a clean energy future

DOE2017 is a great way small business to network and discuss their services and solutions with agency procurement officials, small business program managers and prime contractor representatives already working within DOE. DOE2016 brought in over 900 attendees and over 100 exhibitors! Of those in attendance, 25% were representatives from government agencies, large businesses, and industry.

Register now and become part of the Department of Energy’s mission.

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