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In accordance with 48 CFR 919.7010, the Mentor-Protégé Agreement should include the following:
  1. Protégé and Mentor Contact Information
  2. Mentor DOE Prime Contract No.
  3. Contract Performance Period
  4. DOE Contracting Officer Contact Information
  5. DOE HQ Contracting Office (Contract Owner)
  6. Small Business Program Manger Contact Information
  7. Identification of Protégé Small Business Designation and Standard Industrial Code
  8. Statement Certifying Protégé is a Certified Small Business
  9. Statement Certifying Protégé have never received an 8(a) Contract
  10. Identification of Developmental Assistance to be provided to Protégé
  11. Mentor Negotiated Subcontracting Plan incl. Listing of Subcontract(s) that can be awarded to the Protégé
  12. Statement Certifying Protégé have been in Business  a Minimum of 2 Years
  13. 30 Day Advance Notice for Voluntary Termination or Withdrawal Language
  14. Termination or Non-Termination of Subcontract if Agreement is Terminated or Withdrawal Language
  15. Progress Report Requirements and Schedule of Activities
  16. Schedule and Criteria for Evaluating the Protégé Developmental Success
  17. Agreement Close-out Language
  18. Acknowledgement of 48 CFR 919.7011

You may download the application here.