Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization

OSDBU Outreach to Indian Country Companies 2016

July 29, 2016

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TULSA, Okla. – Expanding outreach to Indian Country companies, EM officials discussed business opportunities in the cleanup program and greater DOE at economic summits this month and in March held by the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED).

   “DOE’s presence at these economic summits has been enthusiastically received and firmly demonstrates EM’s sincere desire to engage Indian Country at all levels, including the business realm,” EM Tribal Affairs Director Albert Brandt Petrasek said of the events in Tulsa and Las Vegas.

   A critical component of the outreach at the most recent summit, EM’s Business Opportunity Forum gave the companies the chance to participate in dialogue and learn the latest news on doing business with the legacy nuclear cleanup program. Usually held at DOE headquarters in Washington, D.C., the quarterly interactive outreach event took place during the four-day Reservation Economic Summit (RES) Oklahoma. 

   "Our EM participation at the RES Oklahoma provided a wonderful opportunity to build upon EM's continuing outreach efforts to the Indian nations,” said Jack Surash with EM’s Office of Corporate Services. “Not only were we able to learn what capabilities Indian-owned companies may have, but it also allowed for Indian companies to spend time with us, many in a one-on-one matchmaking session, learning what we do and how they may be able to contribute to our environmental cleanup mission."