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Cloud-Based Transportation Management System Delivers Savings

October 21, 2014

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DOE’s cloud based transportation management system (ATLAS) offers dramatically enhanced capabilities and modernization.   ATLAS provides a powerful user-friendly system built to allow access to information to meet transportation needs. Its processes promote regulatory compliance, while providing access to qualified carriers and the lowest negotiated rates to reduce transportation costs.

The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Packaging & Transportation (OPT) implemented ATLAS (Automated Transportation Logistics & Analysis System), a cloud-based solution for transportation management and analysis.  DOE spends tens of millions of dollars transporting hazardous and radioactive materials and waste each year.  

DOE developed several useful software tools and information systems to support transportation activities.  These tools and systems were not being used to the extent desired because they were difficult to access for some users and did not address the specific needs of some shippers.  ATLAS was built by updating and consolidating these separate tools and components into a new system.  The new integrated system is located on a secure DOE Cloud to be readily available to authorized users; it has enhanced capabilities and is easier to access, more reliable, and cheaper to maintain. 

Boston Government Services, a DOE 8(a) contractor, built ATLAS to be user-friendly, to reduce transportation costs, and to help shippers comply with transportation regulations, with input from DOE transportation experts. ATLAS provides ready access to DOE’s most competitive shipping rates, resulting in millions of dollars in cost savings for the government.  ATLAS also delivers savings by allowing electronic payment and by reducing costs associated with DOE IT infrastructure.  

This cloud solution provides DOE with a common (DOE–wide) system for transportation management that replaces redundant and less effective systems, while promoting compliance with regulations.  ATLAS provides DOE Programs with detailed and complex-wide information to support management decisions.  ATLAS has an established user community that provides recommendations for updates and enhancements. This makes ATLAS highly responsive to user needs and allows for continuous improvements and efficiencies for DOE.

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