This fact sheet provides an update on all of the current cleanup projects at the site, and it also lists the major projects completed at the Y-12 National Security Complex.

This document discusses the following projects:

  • New On-Site Disposal Facility Planned
  • Outfall 200 Mercury Treatment Conceptual Design Project
  • Mercury technology development activities under way for Y-12, East Fork Poplar Creek
  • Mercury Recovery Project
  • Y-12 Surveillance & Maintenance Corrective and Preventative Maintenance
  • Old Salvage Yard Scrap Removal
  • Building 9735 Demolition
  • Alpha 5 Project
  • Beta 3 (9204-3) Legacy Material Disposition Project
  • Beta 4 Legacy Material Disposition Project
  • Biology Complex and Building 9769 Deactivation and Demolition Project