Read the 2020 edition of the Cleanup Progress Report to learn about the Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management's ongoing and recently completed projects. A summary of the topics is included below.

East Tennessee Technology Park

  • Demolition complete on Centrifuge Complex and K-1600
  • Soil remediation at forefront of ETTP cleanup
  • K-25 History Center opens

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  • Characterization, deactivation ramping up on excess contaminated facilities
  • Uranium-233 processing begins ahead of schedule
  • MSRE cleanup and life extension upgrades underway

Y-12 National Security Complex

  • Final Biology Complex facilities prepped for demo
  • Construction on Mercury Treatment Facility underway
  • Mercury treatment tools being assessed

Waste Management

  • Onsite disposal essential to reservation cleanup  
  • Design documents drafted for new disposal facility
  • Sludge Processing Mock Test Facility being built