Read the 2018 edition of the Cleanup Progress Report to learn about the Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management's ongoing and recently completed projects. A summary of the topics are included below.

East Tennessee Technology Park

  • Demolition of TSCA Incinerator complete
  • Former wastewater treatment facility demolished
  • Workers bring down K-633 Test Loop Facility
  • Soil remediation preparing site for future use

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  • Excess contaminated facilities stabilized
  • Prep for Uranium-233 processing phase continues
  • MSRE waste items being dispositioned

Y-12 National Security Complex

  • More than 3 tons of mercury removed at Alpha-4
  • Continued Biology Complex demolition planned
  • Work begins on Mercury Treatment Facility
  • OREM explores mercury treatment technologies

Waste Management

  • Progress made on proposed waste disposal facility 
  • TWPC continues shipments to WIPP
  • Millions of gallons of wastewater treated