David Adler serves as the director of the Quality and Mission Support Division for the Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management. In this role, Adler is responsible for leading and directing a diverse team of professionals that support and enable the cleanup mission in Oak Ridge. Together, his teams focus on quality assurance, regulatory and environmental compliance, reindustrialization, and community outreach.

Specifically, Adler will oversee activities in two branches, each with differing areas of focus. The first is responsible for ensuring quality assurance across Oak Ridge’s cleanup program. Employees develop procedures for operations, maintain a training program, conduct internal and contractor assessments, measure organizational culture trends, and interface with external groups on quality issues. 

The other branch provides services focusing predominately on regulatory and environmental compliance, facility management, future development at the East Tennessee Technology Park, and public outreach. Team members work to ensure OREM’s cleanup will help shape the East Tennessee Technology Park’s future, including historic preservation and reindustrialization.

Prior to his selection, Adler served as the branch chief for OREM’s Program Support Branch. In his 30 years of experience, he has worked with multiple federal and state environmental regulatory agencies and private sector environmental services companies. Adler holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Rutgers University and a master’s degree in toxicology from the University of Michigan.