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The Administration is committed to extensive openness in Government, and the DOE-QTR has been conducted so that all have access to the information received from external groups throughout the process.  This website contains links to meeting and workshop descriptions, and links to documents received by external organizations.
Comments Received by the Public

Following a federal register notice on March 14, 2011 requesting public comment, the Department received 60 formal responses between March 14 and April 15, 2011 and a further 11 responses after the fact.  A table of respondents, as well as their unedited comments, are posted for public view.  
Ex Parte Communications

DOE-QTR focused communications with external groups or individuals (e.g. those neither employed by nor contracted to the Federal Government) are disclosed to the public in accordance with DOE General Counsel’s ex parte communications guidance, with modification due to the non-regulatory nature of this activity.  Information such as meeting participants, summary of topics addressed, and documents exchanged are posted to this website for access by all.
A memorandum describing the transparency obligation, and process for submitting documentation, was provided to all external meeting participants.  All Ex parte communications received during the DOE-QTR are posted online for public review.