This Decision and Order considers an Application for Exception filed by GE Appliances & Lighting (GE) seeking exception relief from the provision of 10 C.F.R. Part 430, Energy Conservation Program for Consumer Products: Energy Conservation Standards for Refrigerators, Refrigerator-Freezers and Freezers (Refrigerator Efficiency Standards). In its exception request, GE asserts that the firm would suffer a gross inequity if required to adhere to the Refrigerator Efficiency Standards codified at 10 C.F.R. § 430.32. If GE’s Application for Exception were granted, GE would receive exception relief from the energy efficiency standard applicable to a new automatic defrost refrigerator-freezer, with bottom-mounted freezer and through-the-door ice service. GE proposes to manufacture and market this appliance. As set forth in this Decision and Order, we have concluded that GE’s Application for Exception should be granted.