PSH-20-0055 - In the Matter of Personnel Security Hearing

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On September 11, 2020, an Administrative Judge determined that an individual's access authorization under  10 C.F.R. Part 710 should not be granted. The Individual is employed by         a DOE contractor in a position that  requires  her  to  hold  a  DOE  security  clearance.  In  applying for her clearance, the Individual completed a Questionnaire for National Security Positions (QNSP) in January 2019. In response to  the  QNSP's  financial  questions,  the  Individual indicated that she had six delinquent or collection accounts totaling approximately $ 31,500. She also indicated that she would be seeking the help of a credit counseling service. Subsequently, the Local Security Office (LSO) asked the Individual to complete a Letter of Interrogatory (LOI). The LSO determined that, in addition to the approximately $31,500 in delinquent debt, the  Individual  had  ten  outstanding  delinquent  accounts,  totaling  approximately $9,500, which she failed to list on the QNSP. It also noted that the Individual       had not yet obtained the services  of  a  credit  counseling  agency  and  noted  that,  based  upon her Personal Financial Statement (PFS), she is in a deficit of $105 each month, indicating her inability to pay her debts. During the hearing,  the  Individual  testified  that,  due  to  an  unforeseen divorce, she is not making any payments  toward  her  debts  as  she  barely  has  enough income to cover her monthly necessities. She further testified  that,  although  she  is  unable to afford credit counseling services, she intends to file for  bankruptcy  once  she  can  obtain sufficient funds to hire an attorney. The Administrative Judge ultimately determined that   the Individual had not resolved  the  security  concerns  associated  with  Guideline  F. Accordingly, she concluded that the Individual's access authorization should  not  be  granted . OHA Case No. PSH-20-0055 (Katie Quintana).