PSH-19-0012 - In the Matter of Personnel Security Hearing

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On May 7, 2019, an Administrative Judge determined that an Individual's access authorization under 10 C.F.R. Part 710 should be granted. During the security investigative process, the Individual disclosed that he drank to intoxication approximately twice each week and had previously consumed even higher quantities of alcohol on a routine basis. A DOE-contracted psychologist (DOE Psychologist) evaluated the Individual and concluded that the Individual consumed alcohol habitually to excess, which raised concerns about his judgement, reliability, and trustworthiness. The DOE

Psychologist recommended that the Individual demonstrate rehabilitation by abstaining from alcohol consumption for at least six months, complete an intensive outpatient program (IOP), and participate in an aftercare program. At the hearing, the Individual acknowledged his pattern of problematic drinking and described how he had taken immediate action to meet the DOE Psychologist's treatment recommendations. The Individual provided documentation demonstrating that he had completed the IOP and required aftercare, offered his own testimony and that of corroborating witnesses to establish that he had abstained from alcohol for over seven months as of the date of the hearing, and explained the steps he would take in the future to avoid relapsing into problematic alcohol consumption. After observing the entire hearing, the DOE Psychologist testified that she believed that the Individual had exceeded her treatment recommendations, could safely resume moderate alcohol consumption, and had a low risk for returning to problematic drinking. The Administrative Judge determined that the Individual had resolved the security concerns under Guideline G, and therefore determined that the Individual's access authorization should be granted. OHA Case No. PSH-19-0012 (Kimberly Jenkins-Chapman).