FIA-14-0015 - In the Matter of Bill Streifer

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On March 6, 2014, The Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA) denied an Appeal filed by Bill Streifer under the FOIA of a final determination issued by the Office of Science’s Chicago Office.  Mr. Streifer’s request sought “all communications and documentation concerning Fritz J. Hansgirg’s U.S. Patent #2,156,851 which was in possession of the Argonne National Laboratory prior to November 21, 1942, when Urey and Gross[e] filed U.S. Patent #2,690,379” and “all documents that may shed light on how and when Urey and Grosse learned of, obtained, and utilized Fritz Hansgirg’s November 10, 1936, heavy water patent during the Trai[l], B.C. heavy water plant’s design stage.”  OHA found that the Office of Science, Chicago Office’s search for responsive documents was adequate and reasonably calculated to locate any responsive agency records.  Accordingly, OHA denied the Appeal.