ADR Lunchtime Series - Verbal Atemi: A Technique for Creative Disruption

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Guest Speaker:
Stephen Kotev - Conflict Resolution Consultant and Coach

ATEMI is a concept contained within the Japanese martial art of Aikido. An Atemi is a strike used to unbalance or disrupt a pattern of intent. This workshop will explore the concept of
verbal Atemi through stories taken from the conflict resolution text, Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree: 61 Stories of Creative & Compassionate Ways out of Conflict by Mark Andreas. Join Aikido black belt and seasoned conflict resolver Stephen Kotev to learn how to apply verbal Atemi successfully to high-conflict situations in order to creatively disrupt and redirect a dangerous, unhelpful, or counterproductive pattern.

This presentation was not recorded at the request of the guest speaker. Please see the slides for more information.